If you have stamps or coins for sale, we are your competent partner. We buy against immediate payment or take your stamps and covers in one of our next auctions. Our auctions take place in monthly rhythm, so that no too long waiting periods arise. Please contact us if necessary.

Consignment Terms

  1. The Client assures that they are the owner of the transferred stamps, coins or similar items and that these items are not encumbered with a lien or any other third party right.
  2. The auction is held in the name and for the account of the consignor (principal).
  3. The delivered material will be stored in our rooms, which are secured by alarm systems and police emergency call, and will be treated as entrusted property with the greatest possible care. Transport and storage of the auctioned goods are at the risk of the client. The consigned material is insured by the auctioneer against the usual risks of transport and storage of the auctioneer in his secured premises. The costs for this are included in the commission.
  4. From the auction proceeds (hammer price) the auctioneer receives a commission, in the amount of ___________percent.
  5. The costs for processing the submitted stamps, coins and the like are included in the commission. A fee of € 2.00 will be charged for lots that remain unsold and for lots with an offer value of less than € 100.
  6. The client entrusts the auctioneer and his professional staff with the division of the consigned material and the determination of the estimated prices based on their experience in the market situation. In agreement with the auctioneer, the consignor may also limit their consigned lots.
  7. The auctioneer is entitled to knock down even limited lots up to 20% below the estimated price without further inquiry, as this is customary at auctions.
  8. The settlement of the auctioned lots takes place 6 weeks after the auction date.
  9. If advance payments have been made to the client, limits cannot be agreed on.
  10. Advance payments shall be subject to standard bank interest rates or to separate written agreement.
  11. If the client cancels a given auction order, they are liable for lost commission. The commission is set at 22%.
  12. All stamps presented which have not yet been examined for authenticity and preservation may be presented to authorized special examiners by the auction company, insofar as they cannot be examined themselves, and marked accordingly by them in order to eliminate later complaints as far as possible. Stamps that have been clearly identified as forgeries or as repaired can be marked accordingly by the examiners. The examination costs are to be borne by the consignor.
  13. After the conclusion of the auction, the buyer has the possibility to obtain from the auctioneer the name and address of the consignor after indicating the lot number, and the consignor has the possibility to obtain from the auctioneer the name and address of the buyer after indicating the lot number.
  14. If an advance granted to the client is not covered by the net proceeds of the auction, the excess amount is due for repayment no later than 2 weeks after written notification. If the repayment is not made in time even after subsequent warning and setting of a deadline, the auctioneer may re-auction unsold lots as best as possible or sell them free and set them off against the advance to be repaid. The debtor in default of repayment shall be subject to a default surcharge of 3% on the amount owed, and the amount owed shall also be subject to a monthly default interest of 2% until the new auction.
  15. The seller is exclusively responsible for the VAT taxation of the auction proceeds. The sales tax (currently 19%) on the auctioneer’s brokerage services (commission and expenses), which is due in accordance with the German Sales Tax Act, will be openly invoiced. If the consignor provides the necessary information and evidence, exemption from the statutory VAT may be possible.
  16. The terms and conditions of the auction, which are displayed in the auction catalogs and on the company premises, are an integral part of this contract. Changes or additions require the written confirmation of the auctioneer.
  17. Place of performance for all parties is Oberkirch or optionally Offenburg. The place of jurisdiction for fully qualified merchants, legal entities and special funds under public law is Oberkirch or optionally Offenburg. Oberkirch or optionally Offenburg shall also be the place of jurisdiction for non-merchants or minor merchants for the dunning procedure and if the party to be claimed against in the legal action moves its domicile or usual place of residence out of the area of application of this law after conclusion of the contract or its domicile or usual place of residence is not known at the time of the filing of the action, as well as if the defendant has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany.