Oberkirchs "Interior"
At the city centre: Places of recreation, idyll and silence

Impressions from Oberkirch

There are places where the guest does not ever warm up even after repeated visits. In Oberkirch, this is different. The town center alone fascinates in an instant. Half-timbered houses of the finest quality as far as the eye can see, idyllic spots along the inviting stream. It’s a good place to live. At every turn, the visitor breathes the spirit of history. The influence of Strasbourg on the architectural development is just as obvious as the carefully initiated urban redevelopment of recent times. “‘s freche Hus” and the museum of local history as well as the Grimmelshausen museum are just two highlights of a modern municipal policy that cultivates a cultural heritage. What the one has in its cultural center, the other has in its contemporary cityscape. Oberkirch is moving forward on this fine line between a sense of tradition and modernity. Successfully, as you can see.

Farm in Oberkirch - Ödsbach
Once a knight's pride, today a visitor magnet: The Schauenburg
A typical Black Forest scene
Oberkirch – open, welcoming, lovely